This is the unfinished story of The Missing Leech

Director Vicenç Ferreres
Spain / 102 min. / 2014 / Catalan, Spanish, English

Maurici Ribera, The Missing Leech, is the anti-star. The bloke from Sant Joan de Vilatorrada is the perfect excuse to talk about the anti-folk community. Joan Colomo, Esperit!, Lianalull, Mad’zelle and Edu Mató bare their credentials and connections, passion and candidness, and reject all clichés. Punk without poses


Maurici Ribera, alias The Missing Leech, is the perfect anti-star. This bloke from Sant Joan de Vilatorrada is so unlike a rock star that he makes Half Japanese look like Aerosmith. His style also starts with Anti: antifolk. "Hippies and punks throwing a party", anti-stardom folk rooted in punk rock, or "antifolk is a lightbulb". This is the Unfinished Story of the Missing Leech is the perfect excuse to wax lyrical about the entire antifolk community. An ultra-globalist scene as we can see in the snazzy opening credits, which show Maurici in New York, Paris, UK, Argentina and beyond. More than 40 show their faces in this film: Joan Colomo, Esperit!, Lianalull, Mad'zelle, Edu Mató, Sam Destral and those we haven't space to mention. It's a full-on parade. And at their hands, we see the credentials and the connections, we experience the implausible (but undeniable) honesty of the anti folk. A world of friends united by passion, candidness and rejection of clichés. The scenes showing Maurici with his parents and his girlfriend assembling the CDs for his next launch speak for themselves. The open mic nights don't need a manifesto: get up and play us something. A scene so gorgeous that if it didn't exist we'd have to make it up. The guys with the glasses have seized the castle. 

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Premiere type
World Premiere

Showing format

The Missing Leech, Madame Green, Joan Colomo, Ferran Palau, Esperit!, Liannallull, Mad'zelle, Ran Ran Ran, Sam Destral, Solé, Sr. Saravia, Oriol S., Pablo Acosta, Lluís Paloma, Marc Travesset, Johnny Rock'n'Roll, Dino Ratso, Tim Holehouse, Nick Garrie, Breaking The Bell Jar, Magenta

Vicenç Ferreres

Toni Ficant, Helena Pielias, Jose Tostoneone, Jordi R. Renom, Marçal Bassa

Sound designer
Ivan Gassó, Jordi C. Corchs

Music Composer
Maurici Ribera, Maurici Ribera

Music supervisor
Ivan Gassó, Vicenç Ferreres

Vicenç Ferreres

Film company
Plans Films

Film distributor
Plans Films

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