Everybody's Cage

Director Sandra Trostel
Germany / 81 min. / 2015 / English, German


Dancing with Cage, but without Cage. A crusade in search of Cage’s sound, today, at the hand of composer and pianist Francesco Tristano. Cage's quotes are accompanied by the musician's pieces in an expedition which seeks to unravel, street by street, the instructions and admonitions of the maestro in perpetual pursuit of randomness.


A dance with Cage, but without him. A crusade in search of the Cage sound, today, at the hand of Luxembourger composer and pianist, Francesco Tristano. In the words of the absent maestro, "according to how we transform ourselves in the composition, places turn to music, and coincidence to virtue." No sooner said than done: the rendezvous points accompany the musical pieces, in an expedition that seeks to unravel – street by street – the instructions and admonishments of the master in perpetual search of randomness. Tristano deciphers a Cage composition, "Chance", by pinpointing random coordinates on a map. And at each compass point, he listens to, and analyzes the sounds. The omnipresent shadow of the composer hovers over each of the actions ("something must be done to free of us of our memories and choices"; "one doesn't need to kill the past, it's already dead") and in keeping with this, Tristano is an individual with his own compositions and ideas ("A conservatory can't be a 'progressatory', you have to do that yourself") a test assembly in four movements, as the subtitle states.  


Cover a verstion of "Variations IV" with director Sandra Trostel on November 4th

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John Cage, Francesco Trsitano, Bruce Brubaker, Brandt Brauer Frick.

Sandra Trostel

Sandra Trostel

Lilli Thalgott

Sound designer
Thies Mynther

Music Composer
John Cage, Francesco Tristano, Thies Mynther, & others

Sandra Trostel

Film company

Film distributor

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