I Am Thor

Director Ryan Wise
United States / 82 min. / 2015 / English

After Pentagram and Anvil, came Thor. You couldn’t have made it up, not even in Spinal Tap: body building, rock metal and mystic-Nordic vaudeville, not to mention kidnappings, Homeric blunders, unfathomable jinxes and a hiatus a la “Space Elvis” in Las Vegas. The life of a bruiser that just wouldn’t give up. A hymn to perseverance in the face of destiny’s bitch slaps. 


Following the roar of films about Pentagram, Mateo and Orion –three now classic characters at Beefeater In-Edit– comes Thor. You couldn’t make it up, not even as a sad joke in Spinal Tap: a sort of (handsome) Schwarzenegger of hard rock that sought to unite bodybuilding, rock metal and mystic-Nordic vaudeville in a single band/figure: THOR (and not the one from Marvel). Thor could have been the new Kiss, the Slade of Valhalla. Everyone agreed. But each time that John Thor brushed with success, something atrocious or absurd happened: his manager kidnapped him; he took a hiatus like “Space Elvis” in Las Vegas; his new manager (the same guy that managed Springsteen!) got him into a sect and then dissapeared; he triumphed in England, but his success took a nosedive, and from there, the spiral to despair. But I Am Thor, despite brimming with tragi-hilarious moments (“Fucking and fighting” is, according to him, his “Dylan-esque song”) doesn’t seek to shame. I Am Thor shows us the life of a bruiser with big dreams that refuses to throw in the towel. A hymn to persistence despite destiny’s bitch-slaps. And in the end there is glory: although the bitch makes us wait.

I Am Thor - Official Trailer - (2015)

http://www.iamthormovie.com/ Jon Mikl Thor was a bodybuilding, steel bending, brick smashing rock star in the 70's & 80's whose theatrical band THOR hit the scene alongside Metallica and Kiss, but never achieved the gold record status of its contemporaries.


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Jon Mikl Thor

Ryan Wise

Ryan Wise

Music Composer
Christopher Ward

Alan Higbee, Frank Meyer, Ryan Wise

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