Director Matt Whitecross
United Kingdom / 122 min. / 2016 / English

Liam and Noel Gallagher: two bat-shit, ballsy brothers that managed to make their undiscovered band the biggest on the planet. The producers of “Amy” deliver this “biblical epic” of drugs, brawls, inbred rivalry rock’n’roll and global Britpop, All large and loud, typically Oasis: like a supernova spiraling outta control.


“Oasis was like a fucking Ferrari: great to look at, great to drive and it would fucking spin out of control every now and again.” Few bands have risen as stratospherically as Oasis did: “lads from a council estate. Two brothers… Head cases”, and a trio of ordinary looking mates became the biggest band on the planet within three years. Supersonic reconjures this madness and it does so with the classic cocky, caustic tone of the Gallaghers. A hundred stories in one. This is a working class novel with a Mancunian accent. A saga of ambition, of dreams come true and rock epic. It’s a story of an absent father, sibling rivalry (Liam is a dog. I’m a cat”, says Noel. “It’s a power struggle. It started when we were kids and I pissed on his music gear”, says Liam). And of cricket runs. Its their signing to Creation, all those #1s, that first gig at the Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow and the 250.000 fans at Knebworth, in 1996. How Noel went from being a roadie for the Inspiral Carpets to becoming the UK’s composer laureate. And the drugs and the paparazzi and “Wonderwall”, a song more endemic than the flu. It’s a bomb, with one final, lingering question: “Where do you go from here?”


In UK and Irish cinemas with live satellite event on October 2. On Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download October 31. From award-winning director Mat Whitecross, SUPERSONIC tells the remarkable story of iconic band Oasis - in their own words.

Showing format


Paul Monaghan

Music Composer
Rael Jones

James Gay-Rees, Simon Halfon, Fiona Neilson

Film company
Mint Pictures, Nemperor, On The Corner Films

Film distributor

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