The Sad And Beautiful World Of Sparklehorse

Director Alex Crowton, Bobby Dass
United Kingdom / 83 min. / 2016 / English

“The recesses, the unloved cast-off - this is your dominion”. All Mark Linkous’ glorious imperfection in an hour and a half of twilight, wetlands, remote cabins and dead things. A film that brings us within point blank range of a poet that came back from the dead (literally). The ballad, album to album of a defenceless man, who was “all heart”. 


“The recesses, the unloved cast-off - this is your dominion. This is Sparklehorse”. All Mark Linkous’ glorious imperfection, mind and body of the band, in an hour and a half of twilight, wetlands, remote cabins and dead things. Written and narrated by Angela Faye Martin, Appalachian musician and fan of the band, and heightened by various interviews with associates like Mercury Rev, Ed Harcourt and Granddaddy, the film brings us within point blank rage of a poet that (literally) came back from the dead. Where did Sparklehorse blossom? Something so intimate, stark and exposed? The film endeavors to answer this question by gutting brittle and evocative songs like “A sea of teeth”; exploring his family tree of calloused miners; his conversion punk rock; the alchemy that spawned what we know and love as the Sparklehorse “style’ (the whisper started in the most puerile way: so as not to disturb his other half while he recorded demos at night); the connections Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Tom Waits, Dangermouse and David Lynch (all collaborators at one point or another). This is the ballad, album to album of a defenseless man, who was “all heart”.

The Sad & Beautiful World of Sparklehorse (Trailer 1)

Mark Linkous, the driving force behind the band Sparklehorse, was the man who literally died and came back to life. His existence mirrored his mesmerising and unique music. He was at once a humble, modest man; the epitome of a Southern Gentlemen. He was also a self-destructive, recovering drug addict who battled with debilitating bouts of manic-depression.

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World Premiere

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Chattanooga Film Festival, Tennessee, USA 2016 Indie Lisboa: Portugal 2016 Festival No. 6, UK, 2016 End of the Road Festival, UK 2016

Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse), Jonathan Donahue (Mercury Rev), Ed Harcourt, Gemma Haye, Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), David Lowry (Cracker), John Parish, Emily Haines (Metric), Adrian Utley (Portishead), Grasshopper (Mercury Rev), Angela-Faye Martin

Alex Crowton, Bobby Dass

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