Melody of Noise

Director Gitta Gsell
Switzerland / 86 min. / 2016 / Swissgerman

Virtuosos of noise “The sounds are there, you just have to get them out ”. Andres Bosshard, Bubble Beatz, Big Zis, Julian Sartorius and Bruno Spoerri breathe new life into piping, traffic cones, parabolic antennas or dollar store robots. Everything is useable. Music is on every corner; there are hidden symphonies in the scrapyard. 


Virtuosos of din. “The sounds are there, you just have to get them out”, says Julian Sartorius. Melody of Noise explores the artists that breathe new life into pipes, parabolic antennas or cheap robots. Everything is useable. Music is in every corner. There are hidden symphonies in the scrapyard, beauty in a demolition. Andres Bosshard comes across as a mad genius, with two traffic cones transformed into ready made amps (“ear trumpets” he christens them) but the challenge lies in using everything (“if it makes a noise”) and the theory is elevated. Stefan Heuss plays like a delinquent kid, with pots of water and cheap percussion made of spoons and engine parts and a slide guitar with a screwdriver; but behind this playful appearance, lies a great concept. Bubble Beatz, pounding duo, and garbage dump magpies, set up an outstanding drum kit with rubber tubes. And also Big Zis, Bruno Spoerri, Saadet Türköz. They all manipulate noise, and at the same time the sound that was already there: in the water, the trees, every clap we give. Melody of Noise unblocks your ears.

Melody of Noise - Trailer Full HD

ab 10. März im Kino "MELODY OF NOISE" ist eine waghalsige Entdeckungsreise ins Reich der Geräusche und Klänge, der Rhythmen und der Stille. Zusammen mit Menschen, die genau und vorbehaltlos hinhören. Ein Film der dazu verführen soll, mit den Augen zu lauschen und mit den Ohren zu sehen. Unverhofft sinnlich.

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Premiere type
National Premiere

Showing format

Golden Heynal - best Music-Documenatary Krakow

in festivals
Solothurner Filmtage Switzerland Documentarist Istanbul Krakow Filmfestival - Competition Music-Doc Musikfilmfest Oberaudorf Unerhört Hamburg

Bruno Spoerri, Julian Sartorius, Stefan Heuss, Bubble Beatz

Stefan Kälin

Peter Guyer

Sound designer
Christian Beusch

Film company
mirapix GmbH

Film distributor

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