Yallah! Underground

Director Farid Eslam
Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom / 85 min. / 2015 / English, Arabic

Progressive artists from the Arab world. “We’re not just rappers, we’re ambassadors.” Palestinian visual artists, Egyptian singers, Jordanian hip hoppers, Israeli rastas. A political gaze, filled with dismay and stupor. The post-Arab Spring generation reclaims its space in a place where “you don’t know if the sun will rise the next day.”


Progressive artists from the Arab world. A film more necessary than ever, in the face of abundant and saturating (dis)information on the Islamic world. “We’re not just rappers. We’re ambassadors.” All kinds of artists appear to call the norms into question and to reclaim their space in a place where “you don’t know if the sun will rise the following day”. This is a rebel generation, born after the Arab Spring, and that witnesses, with stupor and indignation how religion has snatched the steering wheel of change. That refuses to choose between paternal and Western culture, and prefers to rediscover national treasures and modernize them. It’s a fruitful schizophrenia “I grew up listening to prayer, while I watch The A Team and Knight Rider”, claims one DJ. Samm The Teacher belts out educated rap from Jordan. Lumi, from Lebannon, makes it crystal clear that “This isn’t our war.” Mail Waleed Yassin and Perry Moataz, Egyptian singers, wax lyrical about gender and rupture. And Palestinian visual artist Amer Shomali, and Israeli rasta Walaa Sbait, son of “internal refugees” disseminate their “Arab a dub attack”. Alternative music in the Middle East. It should be on the news. 

Yallah! Underground (2015) Official Teaser

In a region full of tension, artists in the Middle East have struggled for years to express themselves freely and to promote more liberal attitudes within their societies. Yallah! Underground follows some of today's most important and progressive Arab underground artists through years of rapid change from 2009 to 2013.


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in festivals


Jakub Vomacka

Prokop Soucek

Sound designer
Karel Havlicek, Ladislav Greiner

Dana Wilson, Dina Harb, Jeffrey Brown

Film company

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