Hated: GG Allin

Director Todd Phillips
United States / 52 min. / 1993 / English

“To hell with the future”. GG Allin’s creed in a nutshell. Punk’s ultraviolent dung beetle carved out a “career” based on using the mic as a baton (on his head), brawling with the audience, smearing himself in his own shit and other delightful antics. He died, of course, bent out of shape. Was there a man behind that beast? 


“To hell with the future.” GG Allin’s creed in a nutshell. The credits haven’t even rolled and he’s already used the mic as a baton (on his head), he’s brawled with the audience, shoved a banana up his ass, and smeared his own shit all over the front row. Some say that he wasn’t punk; others would say that his brainless ultra-nihilism was the epitome of it. All his tours ended up: a) in the hospital or b) in jail. His drummer attests, without a hint of as mile, that “there’s too much violence. Not enough sweetness. That’s what GG represents.” A fearless Allin suggests, on Geraldo Rivera’s talk show, that he poops in public because his body is “the temple of r’n’r”, and his crap, the “communion.” Hated reveals, through Allin, his group, fans, old friends and a horrified former music teacher (who loses his mind listening to a current song), the clusterf*** that was Allin, Public Enemy #1, damaged ex nerd, mere lunatic, suicide in the making, victim of his own fame. The dung beetle of punk was, perhaps, all these things at once. Hated peels layer after layer back to see if there’s a man within the beast. And it succeeds, and you can’t stop watching. Even when he pulls that out of there.

Hated: GG Allin & the Murder Junkies trailer

From the man behind the Hangover trilogy, a legendary music documentary capturing the world's most reviled punk rocker in all his obscene, assaultive glory. Watch the full film now at MusicFilmWeb.tv: http://www.musicfilmweb.tv/film/hated-gg-allin-the-murder-junkies

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Showing format

GG Allin

Neculai Berghelea, Alex Crawford, Michael Yetter

Sound designer
Huck Botko

Tod Phillips

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