We Are X

Director Stephen Kijak
Japan, United Kingdom, United States / 93 min. / 2016 / English, Japanese

Does Yoshiki conjure death? He’s the front man of the famous (in Japan) X Japan, stars of “visual kei”, epic soft-metal, but his life is plagued with pain: his father killed himself, his ex–guitarist succumbed to the same fate, then his ex-bassist. The singer survived, but wound up in a sect. Farewells, tears, past, premonitions, fame. A rock drama, Japanese-style.


Does Yoshiki attract death? He’s the saturnine front man, founder, pianist and drummer of the massive X Japan, stars of “visual kei”, or epic national soft metal. This dude is so famous that they’ve even dedicated an issue of Manga to him (Stan “The man” Lee appears celebrating the comic). From afar, Yoshiki looks like an enviable guy, the Steven Tyler of the land of the rising sun (to strengthen the metaphor, Yoshiki appears shaking hands with Joe Perry.) But we don’t have to dig too deep to get the dirt: Yoshiki’s life is plagued with pain, death and ailments: his father killed himself with a samurai sword, and Yoshiki found the body. Naturally, his father’s spirit hangs over the drummer’s future (“Was I a bad son? Perhaps I didn’t love him enough”). But daddy is just the tip of the iceberg in a string of losses that defy belief: his vocalist (Toshi) was brainwashed by a sect that forced him to give up the band, which dissolved: his ex-guitarist, also commits hari-kari, the ex-bassist joins the band but also dies. Maybe it’s true what they said about Yoshiki: “At twenty, his whole body exuded death.” Farewells, tears, past, premonition and fame… A rock drama, Japanese-style.



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Showing format

in festivals
Sundance 2016


Mako Kamitsuna, John Maringouin

Sean Kirby, John Maringouin

Music Composer

John Battsek, Diane Becker

Film company

Film distributor

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