Lo que hicimos fue secreto

Director David Álvarez
Spain / 94 min. / 2016 / Spanish

The fully story of Madrilenian punk. “Hippies, progress and proto-punks”, the Rock-Wave, new wave, schisms and grudges. Pegamoid elite vs. PVP attitude and the UVI, snobs vs. neighborhood punks, the movement and the anti-movement. Speed and abortions, everyone against everyone else, the arrival of hardcore and the political, Nacho Canut getting in everyone’s faces. Killer.


The full story of Madrid punk. A journey that follows the oh-so-familiar parameters of the Birth-Rise-Wreckage of a scene, even if it’s in a very Madrid style. A film that goes back to the immediate pre-history of punk in the capital (first chapter: “Hippies, progress and proto-punks”), covering KK de Luxe, Ramoncín, the underground press, the freak thing and Pegamoides like tadpoles itching to grow in a parched lake (“we had to invent it all ourselves”). And from the to the first sprouting of punk, when anything went, and full-speed ahead to the schisms, where “everything” meant nothing: the Rock-Wave vetoing the punks, divisions and disputes, the Pegamoide elite (“we have always been very elitist), vs. the street attitude of PVP, La Broma de Satán, Espasmódicos and La UVI; snobs vs. neighborhood punks; police brutality, Movement and anti-Movement; speed (“people didn’t have the dough for instruments, but they had it for drugs”), and abortions: the arrival of hardcore, politics and squatting. And, for a considerable part of the film. Nacho Canut getting in everyone’s face (and laughing at “La chica de ayer”). If the declarations are fleshy, the soundtrack is even meatier: “Esperando en la calle” by OX Pow, “Malditos franceses” by Larsen, “Miedo” by PVP... Tremendous.

Trailer "Lo Que Hicimos Fue Secreto" // "What We Did Was Secret"

"Lo que hicimos fue Secreto" identifica y analiza la influencia de la subcultura punk en la conformación de una nueva subjetividad política en Madrid a través de más de 70 entrevistas en profundidad con músicos, promotores, periodistas, etc. que participaron en la contracultura madrileña en los años 80.

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Javier Couso, Manolo Suizidio, Kurdo, Indio, Ramoncín, Ana Curra, Nacho Canut

David Álvarez , Carlos Pedrosa

Gabriel Molera, Enrique Cortina

Film company
Eleventh Floor Studio

Film distributor

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