Director Danny García
Spain / 75 min. / 2016 / Español

It’s about time someone told the story of Parálisis Permanente and Eduardo Benavente through film. A story that combines the resurrection of Ana Curra and the El Acto tour. All is revealed: Eduardo as a “sponge”, as a “star”, his mutation to the dark side, the breakup with Berlanga, death and legend. Gabinete, Alaska, Manolo UVI and Pei bear witness.


It’s about time someone told (on film) the story of Parálisis Permanente and Eduardo Benavente, one of the original legends of national pop. A story that ties in here with Ana Curra’s resurrection and the Mexican El Acto tour of 2013. No stone is left unturned. Alaska reveals how Eduardo “was a star” even before he’d strummed a chord. We learn of his “spongy” spirit, of his first groups (Plástico and Escaparates), of his (rather affluent) family and of how he was a guy that “never turned back”. And his New Wave mutation, his sinister rebirth (following a trip to London, naturally); break up with Carlos Berlanga and the Parálisis-Pegamoides fracture (after a car accident, Berlanga exclaimed: “This is happening to use because of all the darkness!”); the first single, the recording of El acto in two days flat; Ana Curra’s “handcrafted leather”.  The death and birth of the legend. Ana Curra even lets slip that Eduardo “was a virgin” when they first went to bed together. Edi Clavo and Jaime Urrutia (Gabinete Caligari), Alaska, Manolo UVI and Dei Pei (Desechables) reconstruct the past ,while the Nacidos para dominar tour conquers city after city. Life after death.


Showing format

Ana Curra, Alaska, Jaime Urrutia, Alejandro Benavente

Danny García

César Méndez

Sound designer
DJ Toner

Film company

Film distributor

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