Eat that Question - Frank Zappa in His Own Words

Director Thorsten Schütte
France, Germany / 88 min. / 2016 / English and French

Freak, icon, born troublemaker, father and husband, virtuoso musician, critic of Yankee society, harsh tongue, weird moustache, “eternal freak, never a hippy.” Perhaps what’s certain is that “nobody’s eve r seen the true Zappa”, but this collage of interviews and TV appearances dares to draw a cohesive portrait of the artist. In his own words.  


Freak icon, born troublemaker, father and husband, virtuoso musician, staunch critic of Yankee society, foul-mouthed, moustached and goateed “eternal freak, anti-hippy.” It could be said that “Nobody’s seen the real Zappa” (because there are too many of them, and they never stay still) but director Thorsten Schütte dares to draw a cohesive portrait of the artists in this collage of interviews and TV appearances. This is Zappa in his own words, living and dying by his own mouth. The viewer can’t tell if Zappa’s statements focus the image or generate greater confusion. But as Zappa himself asserts “being interviewed is one of the most abnormal things you can subject another human to: you’re a step away from inquisition.” So, Zappa plays with mirrors, reveals and conceals, remains the great stranger. “I’m famous, but many people don’t know what I do.” Others do know, but prefer to insult him. Zappa remains a proud cynic (“Let’s hope people catch on to some of this cynicism”), someone that believes that “swear words” don’t exist and “they form part of a conspiracy by religious fanatics to keep us dumb.” An irreverent and relentless visionary.

Eat That Question - Frank Zappa In His Own Words : bande-annonce

Eat that question - Frank Zappa in his own words (version originale anglaise) : bande-annonce. En salle le 8 juillet 2016.


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Sundance 2016

Frank Zappa

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