In-Edit Shorts: Exhibition

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The short film format (without age limits for creators) will also gain greater presence in the documentary schedule for In-Edit 2017.

The selected titles are:
Floating Points: Reflections – Mojave Desert by Anna Díaz
KID SIMIUS: Berlin or the colour of Granada
by Daniel Eceolaza

Floating Points: Reflections - Mojave Desert

At the end of 2016, Floating Points and his band travelled to the Mojave Desert to compose and rehearse just before the kick-off of their US tour. While they hung out in the Joshua Tree national park, they were taken aback not just by its physical beauty but also by the sonic reflections of the rock formations; a unique combo of reverb and echo that directly influenced the creation and recording of their new album. This film documents the creation of this new experiment by Floating Points, in which sound and image unite to give rise to an album in visual format. 

"KID SIMIUS: Berlin or the colour of Granada” follows the misfortunes of the two brothers from Granada in the summer festivals of central Europe. Like Quijote and Sancho, Jose García Soler (KID SIMIUS) and Migue García Soler, wind up falling foul of the madness and surrealism of the world and the music that surrounds them. With interviews with international artists of the calibre of Dirty Doering, Bonaparte, Crystal Fighters, Marteria, Mouse on Mars, Los Planetas and Siriusmo, this documentary becomes the perfect excuse to trace and understand a unique moment in Berlin’s music scene. A place where electronic music flourishes once more, at the hands of independent artists who create while knowing no borders.

The time of the Luthiers

Felipe Conde’s family have spent more than 100 years handcrafting Spanish guitars. From their small workshop located in central Madrid, they have managed to become one of the world’s most prestigious firms, with regular clients to the tune of Paco de Lucía, Al Di Meola, Lenny Kravitz and Leonard Cohen. Felipe’s children, María and Junior, have been the latest to join the family traditions. Two 20-somethings that represent the fourth generation of luthiers and to whom Felipe must transmit all he knows of his profession. An artisanal trade that demands great patience and perseverance, values that are at odds with the times in which we live.

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