Future Language: The Dimensions of Von LMO

Director Lori Felker
United States / 90 min. / 2018 / English

Alien, visionary, robber, vagabond, demigod and space rocker. Welcome to the delirious world of one of the most mysterious characters that New York No Wave ever spawned.

This is the distorted portrait of an other-worldly artist and the chronicle of a recklessly obsessive relationship kindled by the video artist who dares to make a documentary about him. Von LMO claims to be an alien hybrid from the planet Strazar, but the only thing we know for sure is that he was part of the New York underground scene of the late 70s. His music, a thunderous alloy of space rock, punk and jazz, spellbinds Lori fascinated, who for years tries to decipher the "real" Von LMO by interviewing him and his bizarre troupe of allies. Little by little, she discovers the thousand faces of a paranoid, wise and fabulous man whose earthly biography contains more than a few shady episodes. Interplanetary travels, mystical revelations, hilarious situations and disturbing animations are intermingled in a film which, in keeping with its star, advances in a nightmarish and chaotic way, generating laughter, empathy and fear in equal parts. And before our eyes, a friendship blossoms between artist and director that acquires toxic tinges. Without a doubt, we’re in the presence the most picturesque character of our entire programme, literally light years away from anyone else.

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Showing format

Golden Badger Award

in festivals
Wisconsin Film Festival 2018 Chicago Underground Film Festival 2018

VON LMO, Otto von Ruggins, Steve Cohen, Peter Crowley, Weasel walter


Film company
Lori Felker

Film distributor

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