Berlin Bouncer

Director David Dietl
Germany / 87 min. / 2019 / German, English

The recent history of Berlin told by three notorious nightclub doormen who experienced the fall of the Wall and the boom of club culture. Their personal concerns are intertwined with hedonism, art, racism and gentrification.


"It's a private party, I'm sorry." He hugs another guy who comes in. "Step aside, please." He kisses another lucky one. "I'm telling you nicely to **** off!" And so it goes, every night. The doors guarded by the three protagonists are the starting block to a documentary that takes the pulse of the German capital and its vibrant night-time hustle and bustle three decades after reunification. Frank is a former soldier with artistic insults and delusions of grandeur, a "guardian of excess" who likes to pose naked. Smiley is a former African-American military policeman who went from guarding the Wall to setting up his own security company with which "to do things differently from others." Sven Marquardt is the famous and ruthless thug with facial tattoos from the Berghain nightclub, a punk legend from East Berlin who has also carved out a career as a photographer. All of them pipe up about an unstable profession made for hedonists who want to continue belonging to the implacable rhythm of the city. And they question their lives in a context of uncertainty due to the capitalist tank known as "gentrification."


Saturday 26th October - Warm up with Arnau Sabaté

Friday 1st November - Warm up with Ylia  

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Showing format

in festivals
Berlin International Film Festival, CPH:DOX (2019)

Sven Marquardt, Frank Künster, Smiley Baldwin

David Dietl

Laura Heine, Stefan Oliveira-Pita

Raphael Beinder, Eric Ferranti

Sound designer
Gregor Junghans

Katharina Bergfeld, Martin Heisler

Film company

Film distributor

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