Innere Landscape

Director Frank Scheffer
China, Netherlands / 91 min. / 2019 / English, Chinese

A dialogue between East and West, tradition and modernity, through the creation of a piece that combines Sichuan opera, classical music by the Chinese composer Guo Wenjing and the Dutch conductor Ed Spanjaard.


The tireless Dutch documentary filmmaker Frank Scheffer – whose filmography we paid tribute to, at In-Edit 2014 and has covered artists such as Cage, Stockhausen, Stravinsky, Schönberg, Varese, Mahler and Zappa –  presents the second part of his tetralogy about endangered musical traditions. His previous film, Gozaran – Time Passing, closely followed the composer Nader Mashayekhi’s fight against time and tide to establish a classical music orchestra of classical music in his native Tehran, here he brings us closer to the tradition of the Sichuan opera, with its more than three centuries of history. With images of great beauty and applied calligraphy, the film examines the creation of the Si Fan chamber opera that composer Guo Wenjing would premiere in Holland at the hands of Ed Spanjaard, director of the Nieuw Ensemble. The interaction and cultural differences between the two are a pure education: Spanjaard must understand the expressive resources of the Chinese musicians (hands, eyes, mouth) and assume that a director, he should follow the singers and percussionists and not vice-versa. We also meet the passionate singer Shien Temei and a traditional Sichuan opera group that survives by the skin of its teeth in rural China. The message, is clear: if you don't protect and renew ancestral heritage, it will all will disappear.



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International Official Selection

Showing format

in festivals
Rotterdam 2019

Guo Wenjing, Nieuw Ensemble

Jean Counet, Benito Strangio, Melle van Essen, Joewi Verhoeven

Music Composer
Wenjing Guo

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