Everybody's Everything

Director Sebastian Jones, Ramez Silyan
United States / 115 min. / 2019 / English

The filmmaker Terrence Malick is the producer of this overwhelming elegy to Lil Peep, an emo-trap icon who died at just twenty-one years old due to an overdose beneath the concrete slab of sudden fame.


The intimate and tragic air of this film marries perfectly with the music of Lil Peep: tortured, sad and angry. With the complicity of his mother and grandparents, this documentary reconstructs the childhood and adolescence of Gustav Ahr, who forthwith under the artistic alias of Lil Peep practically broadcast his day-to-day life and his battle with depression and addictions throughout social media. Giving an unbridled account his brief and meteoric career – two short years in which he stood out as the greatest reference of a subgenre that combines “SoundCloud rap”, riffs and pop-punk melodies – are a very long rosary of friends and collaborators such as Smokeasac, Horsehead, Lil Tracy and ILoveMakonnen, and members of Schemaposse and GBC (Gothboiclique) – the groups of which the Long Beach (NY) rapper was part.  And it is no accident that many of these witnesses speak from their bedrooms: the bed and the laptop shine out as the natural home of the eminently confessional musical expression of an exhibitionist and hyper-connected generation.


Thursday 24th October - Warm up con Aleix Ibars (Indiespot) 

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Special sessions

Showing format

in festivals
SXSW 2019

Lil Peep

Sebastian Jones, Kyle Seaquist

Music Composer
Patrick Stump

Benjamin Soley

Film company
First Acces Enterstainment

Film distributor
Gunpowder & Sky

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