Cases de la música

Director Marc Barceló
Spain / 56 min. / 2019 / Spanish

A complete vision of the pedagogical and social undertaking of a pioneering network project in Europe that, from its centres in Catalonia, brings music to children and young people with functional disabilities, and supports the creation and dissemination of non-professional groups.

Since 2005, the non-profit project Cases de la Música has been working to transform and democratize the Catalan musical ecosystem. With both public and private participation, its objective is to boost the non-professional field of music and cover a series of structural deficiencies and territorial imbalances at national level, beyond the city of Barcelona. In sporting terms, it aims to be the "grassroots football" of new creators; In business terms, it is committed to being the R + D + I of the music sector. The documentary gives voice to promoters, musicians and educators of the project, the only one of its kind in Europe that works with a network of cities, as well as various children and young people who participate in it. We visit its different creation centres – in Mataró, Girona, L'Hospitalet, Terrassa and Manresa – where we are shown several of its initiatives first-hand. From workshops in schools consisting of creating a rock band from scratch, to an “Incubator” that advises a resident band every year (such as the recent case of the feminist rap group, Tribade), through activities designed for young people with functional or intellectual disabilities, concerts for young children or a junior black music big band. A comprehensive vision of an initiative that aims to bring music to the youngest citizens regardless of their economic resources, and whose model has been replicated in The Basque Country and recognized at European level.



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Ariadna Vàzquez, Pablo Medina

Marc Barceló

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