The Bass of Women

Director Joana Fornós
Spain / 66 min. / 2019 / Spanish, Catalan

Fearless feminist analysis of the Sound System scene in Barcelona. Selectors, sing-jays, producers, dancers and promoters fight the invisibility of women in the Jamaican roots musical culture. 

The Sound System scene in Barcelona summons thousands of guys and girls to the rhythm of reggae, dub, dance-hall and other styles of Jamaican origin. It is also characterized by launching messages of equality, respect and solidarity. However, the role of women remains relegated to the background. This informative documentary raises many questions about it, all loaded with meaning. Where are they? What is their contribution to the scene? Why has nobody captured them in an audio-visual format so far? Are there really so few women in the Sound System scene of the Catalan capital? And those who answer these questions, through interviews, videos and music, are the singers (sing-jays), DJs (selectors), technicians, festival organizers and photographers in the scene. Girls from groups such as Ital Skol, Women Soldier, Red Wine Inity, Purple Rockets and Mina's Collective are sincere before the camera and reflect in first person about insecurity, lack of references, unhealthy self-motivation and the different yardsticks in terms of the women in the front line of this subculture. And, above all, they speak of solutions and desires, of losing fear, of day-to-day empowerment, of the historical perspective of feminism and of the need to build an inclusive and equitable scene that, beyond well-meaning slogans, leads by example.



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Irie Rosie, Marta Vilardell, Belén Natalí, Matah, Paula Bu, Lady Laia, Red Wine Inity, MINA'S Collective, Purple Rockets, Musical Sisters, Irene, Adriana i Laia, Rudith, Maria Vives

Jordi Gaya, Nora Porta, Paula Baviera

Film company
Joana Fornós

Film distributor

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