VVV (Trippin'you)

Director Santiago Mejías Blake
Spain / 79 min. / 2019 / Spanish, English

A film that explores the inner world of the novel dark electronic trio from Madrid VVV (Trippin’you) and at the same time deals masterfully with the disenchantment, rage and concerns of young people around 30. 


This documentary closely follows the maiden steps (formation, rehearsals, recording, newcomers contests) of VVV (Trippin ’you), a Madrid group whose musical proposal moves through the coldwave and electropunk arena. But in reality, it goes much deeper: it is also the portrait of Paula, Adri and Manu, a girl and two guys from the ‘hood who express their vision of the world with great conviction. A horizon without expectations, with job insecurity and political distaste in which you want to burn it all down or curl up in a corner and be left alone. At the same time, we discover group of young people wanting to do things, to leave their own mark on their surroundings. And the documentary transmits that same mixture of existential unease, anger, helplessness and illusion. The format of the film matches the theme: a naturalistic tone of dirty finishes, an overwhelming black and white, a camera that often behaves like a mobile phone – rough, close, almost as if the images were stolen and not shot – and the screen dotted with colorful effects, gifs and icons that seem to underline both the need to escape from everyday reality and make ironic use of video games and social networks. The result is a generational portrait and speaks with authority about the desires, the anguish and the difficulties in confronting adult life for those approaching their thirties, those who we hardly ever see portrayed in documentary format.



Entradas BCN


National Scene

Showing format

Adrián Montero, Manuel Salas, Paula Fernández, Elinor Almenara, Somos La Herencia, One Path

Santiago Mejías Blake

Santiago Mejías Blake

Santiago Mejías Blake, Javier Mayo, Fernando Bonilla, Andrés Polo

Sound designer
Santiago Mejías Blake

Film company
Santiago Mejías

Film distributor

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