Sunset Strip

Director Hans Fjellestad
United States / 99 min. / 2012 / English

It wasn’t just any old street. Welcome to the saga of entertainment’s central artery that  put the shine on old and new Hollywood, punk, metal and the agitated 60’s. Sharon Stone, Slash, Johnny Depp and many others celebrate its influence from 1906 to today.  


There are streets, and there are streets, and then there is The Street. Sunset Strip isn’t any old avenue. Los Angeles’ central artery, from the clubs at its core to the villas of Sunset Boulevard, its story is almost the entertainment bible. This is its saga, choc-full of famous names and holy places. Sunset Strip put the shine on old and new Hollywood: punk, hair metal, the agitated 60’s, the titty bars, the famous gangsters, the clubs with biblical names (like the Garden of Allah); the comics that would become famous actors (John Belushi, Richard Pryor, Robin Williams); it saw the disturbances (the notorious Sunset Strip riots, provoked by the closing of the club Pandora’s Box); the phenomenon of the groupies and the blowjobs under the table at Rainbow (as Steve Jones and Tommy Lee corroborate); writers, poets, beatniks, rockers and nutcases of every type. It all starts and ends here, from sunrise to sunset, but the glitter will always remain. Sharon Stone, Slash, Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Dan Ackroyd, Stephen Stills, Keanu Reeves, Kenneth Anger, Mickey Rourke and many, many others celebrate its magic from 1906 to today.


Los Angeles filmmaker and musician Hans Fjellestad has been making feature-length music documentaries for more than a decade. His films include Moog, Frontier Life and The Heart is a Drum Machine, among others.



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European Premiere

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in festivals

Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, Mickey Rourke, Hugh Hefner, Sharon Stone, Alice Cooper, Dan Aykroyd, Courtney Love, Sofia Coppola, Billy Corgan, Peter Fonda, Tom Arnold, Paul Mooney, Tommy Lee, Richard Lewis, Kelly Osbourne, Jack Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne.

Arlene Nelson

Joe Mundo, Tommy Alastra, Donovan Leitch

Film company
SpeakEasy Films

Film distributor
SpeakEasy Films

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