Conxita Badia no existeix

Director Eulàlia Domènech
Spain / 60 min. / 2012 / Catalan, Spanish

The director rightfully restores the memory of her great-grandmother, a forgotten lyrical singer of the pre-Civil War era. With sobriety and elegance, a story of exile, talent and love of music is extracted, co-starring Pau Casals, Montserrat Caballé and other greats.


A vital memory exercise. Director Eulàlia Domenech decides to revive the memory of her great grandmother, a forgotten lyrical singer of the pre-Civil War era, named Conxita Badia. It sounds easier than it is: for the era and for the consequent obscurity into which artists with anti-Francoist, Catalanist or left-wing sympathies were forced, it makes the recovery of their legacy seem like the start of a one-way street. According to the institutional archives, Conxita Badia never existed. But the director won’t let her arm be twisted, and equipped with patience, sobriety and elegance, she manages to weave a story of exile, talent and love of music, rescued by abundant graphic material, exhaustive documentation and interviews with family members, peers and disciples. The modern-day obscurity seems even more obscene when we trace the calibre of her admirers: Pau Casals (“Everything I have written for the soprano, I’ve done with you in mind.” he says), Enric Granados, Manuel de Falla, Amadeu Vives and her most famous apprentice Montserrat Caballé (“If I’ve arrived to where I am, it’s thanks to her”). Pure history.


Eulàlia Domènech is a director, producer and scriptwriter. And Conxita Badia’s great granddaughter. She has collaborated on various series for TV3 but this film is her feature debut. 



Premiere type
World Premiere

Showing format

Eulàlia Domènech, Montserrat Caballé, Josep Maria Ainaud de Lasarte, Carlos Manso, Narcisa Toldrà i Mariona Agustí

Eulàlia Domènech

Joan Vallverdú

Joan Vallverdú

Sound designer
La fabrica de Carbón

Music Composer
Conxita Badía , Narcís Bonet

Marta Canals

Film company

Film distributor

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