Marglytta. A Music Documentary Based on Litoral

Director Sergi A. Minguell
Spain / 74 min. / 2012 / Catalan, spanish, french, english, iceland.

“What we sing is true”. A Catalan happy-folk group tours the world (Iceland, England, France), celebrating with its joy-filled jams. A group of friends, of paella and barbecue that goes a long way. There’s conflict, but not a lot; the rest: good times and visual beauty.  


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“What we sing is the truth”, declares a member of Litoral in a moment of inspired confession. Marglytta is quite simply the chronicle of a Catalan happy-folk group meandering the world (Iceland, England, France), celebrating with its joy-filled jams; but this is no small thing. This is a happy film, full of camaraderie and gorgeous touches and, above all, realness. Litoral is a group of friends that love their paella and barbecues, and that want to go a long way, even if it’s only in terms of geography (one of their aspirations is to play in places that nobody ever goes; like Iceland). Each concert is a celebration. The images of backlit bicycles, patios, rice hitting the boiling point, scratched liquor bottle beats, toy pianos and dinners that turn into full blown parties speak volumes about good vibes and visual beauty. Their name progressively becomes an adjective for their lifestyle (“This is very litoral”) and when all’s said and done, this adjective speaks of magical things and of love. Conflict? It’s there, but it’s not very hardcore. One calling the other “Mike Oldfield” (as an insult), and the other retorting by suggesting he’s having “An attack of singer syndrome”. In the end, they make friends again. Litoral and Marglytta, and everything turns out swimmingly well.



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Sergi A. Minguell

Sergi A. Minguell, Anna G. Sagué

Sergi A. Minguell

Sound designer
Pau Roca

Music Composer

Music supervisor
Sergi A. Miguell, Pau Roca

Sergi A. Minguell, Pau Roca, Manu Moreno, Ivan R.Cuevas

Film company
Happy Together Film Company, Litoral

Film distributor
Happy Together Film Company

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