Director Charles Atlas, Antony
Denmark, United States / 79 min. / 2012 / English

Antony & The Johnsons and video artist Charles Atlas conjure a unique concert: Turning. 13 women – transsexuals and lesbians – collaborate in the staging. The film of the tour unites stories with songs to debate identity, fragility and change. 


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Antony and the experimental video artist Charles Atlas give birth to a unique concert in 2006: Turning. While Antony & The Johnsons perform their repertoire, thirteen women – transsexuals and lesbians – collaborate in the staging, dancing on a podium. Atlas captures these women, projecting their fragmented images on the screen, and the collaboration between music, dance and image constructs a complex analysis of identity, transcendence and revelation of essence. And, without a doubt, change: metamorphosis. Modern femininity, innocence and fragility/security. The tour film highlights all this and more through interviews with the thirteen women, adding their experiences to the stories told through the tour. The result is a heartfelt hymn that celebrates belonging and makes a demand for humanity that both fits perfectly into Antony's world, and constitutes a visual and filmic feast. The singer's repertoire includes relevant and appropriate numbers, including "Everything is New", "You are My Sister", "Kiss my Name" or the namesake "Turning". 


Showing format

in festivals
CPH:DOX, Viennale, Milano Film Festival, Filmfest Hamburg, POP Montréal, New Horizons

Antony (Antony & The Johnsons). Johanna Constantine, Catrina Delapena, Honey Dijon, Eliza Douglas, Connie Fleming, Joey Gabriel, Joie Iacono, Stacey Mark, Nomi, Kembra Pfahler, Morisane Sunny Shiroma, Julia Yasuda.

Åsa Mossberg

Gavin Elder

Sound designer
Peter Albrechtsen

Music Composer

Vibeke Vogel, Lucy Sexton

Film company

Film distributor
Cat & Docs

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