A Film About Kids and Music. Sant Andreu Jazz Band

Director Ramon Tort
Spain / 101 min. / 2012 / Català, Castellano, English

A moving look at a beautiful (and successful) experiment. A music school forms a junior Big Band. Behind the endeavour is a dreamer, the dedicated director, Joan Chamorro. But each child is the star of this story of enthusiasm, teaching, and magnificent swing. 


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A moving glance at a beautiful (and successful) experiment.  It’s easy to explain: a neighbourhood music school forms a junior Big Band. Behind the effort and the idea is a dreamer: the dedicated director, Joan Chamorro. The teacher and alma mater of the project is depicted as firm but warm, an idealist who maintains that everyone has talent within. His students aren’t “stars” but “normal, everyday kids who were given an incentive.” Chamorro is driven by passion and his actions depict his ability to transmit it, be it via enthusiasm for jazz or the occasional, well-natured ticking off. Precisely for that reason, each child is a protagonist, and it’s they (the regular, run-of-the-mill kids) that take the leading roles here: we see their lives, their concerns, their aspirations, and their efforts. And, better still, we get to see a full Big Band in action, one that joins the ranks of iconic jazz musicians, in a performance at the Palau de la Música. A documentary that speaks volumes about enthusiasm, well-directed teaching and magnificent swing.


Ramon Tort is a director, scriptwriter and producer. Since 2004 he’s been involved in audiovisual direction and is the founder of the Divinoconcepto collective. His professional activity is based in advertising and documenting artistic processes.  



Showing format

Joan Chamorro, Jesse Davis, Wycliffe Gordon, Terell Stafford, Ricard Gili.

Borja Duñó, Ramon Tort

Ramon Tort

Ramon Tort

Sound designer
Álex Candela

Jordi Canchales, Ramon Tort, Borja Duñó

Film company

Film distributor

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