I Am Not a Rock Star

Director Bobbi Jo Hart
Canada / 86 min. / 2012 / English, French

Canadian child prodigy Marika Bournaki plays the piano like God, but is starting to rebel against expectations and family pressure. A raw ritual of rupture and disenchantment: from 12 to 20 years old, from girl to woman, and from genius to person. 

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Possibly the most thorough examination of the phenomenon of child prodigies that ever was. Uber-gifted Canadian pianist Marika Bournaki has been playing the instrument like God since a very tender age, guided through the academic voyage by the firm hand of her father and teacher. I Am Not a Rockstar sets about documenting a coming of age process (from 12 to 20) that soon unravels unexpected circumstances, and the crude process of rupture (in both family and professional spheres) that explodes in a hurricane of teenage rage and angst about personal freedom. A genius that claims to be more than just that, and demands the restoration of her humanity and normality. The film investigates the causes of this disenchantment (expectations from frustrated artist parents (violinist father and ballerina mother), non-existent childhood, aspiration overload…) and registers every bend in the rocky road to fame. The end result is an accurate examination of the duality of passion/business (“I love music, but I don’t like playing for people. I’m not a rockstar”), and a crystalline analysis of family conflicts and the wear and tear produced by growing up in the public eye. From girl to woman, and from genius to person.  


Bobbi Jo Hart is an award-winning Canadian director, producer, photographer, writer and researcher. She’s also versatile: some of her previous works deal with women’s tennis, nurses in Pakistan and mothers with nervous depression.  




Premiere type
National Premiere

Showing format

in festivals
International Festival of Films on Art, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Guanajuato International Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, Mexico City Documentary Film Festival

Marika Bournaki, Pierre Bournaki, David Aladashvilli

Bobbi Jo Krals-Hart, Robbie Hart

Howard Goldberg

Bobbi Jo Krals-Hart

Music Composer
Jack Johnson, Patrick Watson, Daniel Toussaint

Robbie Hart

Film company
Adobe Productions

Film distributor
Adobe Productions

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