Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten

Director Julien Temple
Ireland, United Kingdom / 120 min. / 2007 / English

Another great Temple collage. The voice of Joe Strummer weaves through interviews, Super 8, old films like 1984 or Animal Farm, performances by The Clash and testimonies (from Bobby Gillespie to Scorsese), in a brilliant biography of the hippy behind the rebirth of punk. 

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Joe Strummer's voice is herald to a carefully woven web of interviews, Super-8 images, radio programmes, old films like 1984 or Animal Farm, performances by The Clash, excellent music (Tim Hardin, MC5, Slits) and testimonies by ex-comrades of one or other confine. This "Templesque" conflagration of varied sources permits the director to speak candidly with one of punk's most contradictory characters. Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten excavates to the furthest depths and talks about the privileged background into which John Mellor was born, about how boarding school turned him into a "bully"; about the death of his brother; about when he became a hippy named "Woody"; and about how he formed the pub-rock group The 101'ers. It goes on to the arrival of punk and how a born-again Joe Strummer moved over to the "other side", year dot style, refusing to even greet his old squatter buddies; to The Clash becoming a stadium rock group; to Strummer's years in Granada and his perpetual search for truth and compassion. There's no single way to judge him, but Strummer, with all his facets, is described right here. 


Showing format

British Independent Film Awards (Best British Documentary)

in festivals
British Independent Film Awards, Sundance Film Festival

Joe Strummer, Bono, Terry Chimes, John Cusack, Dick Evans, Steve Buscemi, Jim Jarmusch, Don Letts, Mick Jones.

Julien Temple

Mark Reynolds, Tobías Zaldua, Niven Howie

Ben Cole

Music supervisor
Ian Neil

Amanda Temple, Anna Campeau, Alan Moloney

Film company
Nitrate Films, Sony Music, FilmFour, Parallel Film Productions

Film distributor

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