Let's Get Lost

Director Bruce Weber
United States / 120 min. / 1988 / English

The beautiful and the ugly face of the brilliant West Coast trumpeter, Chet Baker, who made his life a monument to personal annihilation. Painful testimonies, songs and drugs in a film as masterful as its protagonist. Pure cinema.

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Just like that villain in Batman, Chet Baker had two faces. The handsome. A beauty destined for self-destruction (Like Brando, he was too gorgeous, he had to pay for it somehow). Baker passed from being the West Coast King of Jazz to… Nothing, in fact. His descent to hell was terrifyingly acute. In the 50’s he was at his peak: a face that was somewhere between James Dean and Jack Kerouac. Maximum talent with the trumpet, sessions with Charlie Parker and Gerry Mulligan... Baker was the poster boy of Californian jazz. But, damn! He had to go and destroy it all. A tortured soul, in three decades he would be a junky on the streets and his life would become a monument to personal annihilation. A manual. This now classic documentary relates the turbulent life and career of the jazzman in the form of a flashback, beginning with a lost, toothless Baker, ready for the scrap yard, and then excavating his former glory (which was hardly trivial). Abundant interviews and select archive footage complete a film as majestic as the trumpeter that stars in it.  



Showing format

Venice Film Festival (Cinecritica Award), International Documentary Association (IDA Award)

in festivals
Venice Film Festival, Toronto Intl. Film Festival, Berlin

Chet Baker, Lisa Marie, William Claxton

Jon Savage

Jerry Chater

Jeff Preiss

Sound designer
Maurice Schell

Music Composer
Chet Baker

Music supervisor
Joseph S. DeBeasi

Bruce Weber

Film company
Little Bear Films, Inc.

Film distributor
Little Bear Films, Inc.

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