The Devil and Daniel Johnston

Director Jeff Feuerzeig
United States / 106 min. / 2005 / English

The American underground’s favourite iconoclast. Saint of the self-taught DIY, canonized by Yo La Tengo and Nirvana, trapped in a hurtful tale of mental health and unrequited love. Filmed with the meticulous attention of a fan. 

Available at IN-EDIT TV


There’s nothing better than this documentary by Jeff Feuerzeig, to feed the freshmen that discover him and the firm followers that want to dive deeper into his inner world. For more than twenty years, this adorable, yet mentally disturbed musician has created songs that speak of his sorrows, favourite Martians, beloved records, and that have attracted an army of celebrity fans from Yo La Tengo to Kurt Cobain (who catapulted him to fame after appearing on MTV wearing his T-shirt). Born in 1961, in Sacramento, California, he began drawing comic strips from a young age, and idolizing musicians like the Sex Pistols, the Beatles, Queen and Dylan. Upon moving to Texas in 1983, he started recording his first tapes with the help of a small Sanyo beat box. After becoming the favourite iconoclast on the Austin underground scene, Johnston earned celebrity status by appearing on the MTV show Cutting Edge. From thereon in, the introverted composer saw offers of collaboration roll in from Jad Fair, Butthole Surfers and many others, and embarked on a turbulent trajectory that The Devil & Daniel Johnston narrates with great empathy and beauty. An In-Edit classic that we’re delighted to share.  Oh yes, we’re gonna sing.  



Showing format

Sundance FIlm Festival (Best Director)

in festivals
Sundance Festival; Beefeater In-Edit

Daniel Johnston; Mabel Johnston; Bill Johnston; Kathy McCarty; Jeff Tatrakov; Louis Black; Gibby Haines; Jad Fair; David Fair; Matt Groening

Jeff Feuerzeig

Tyler Hubby

Fortunato Procopio

Sound designer
James Lebrecht

Music Composer
Daniel Johnston

Music supervisor
Brooke Wentz

Henry S. Rosenthal

Film company
Complex Corporation & This is That

Film distributor

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