Director Julien Temple
United Kingdom / 76 min. / 2012 / English

Step inside the other Glastonbury, a utopian hill where 21st Century tribes congregate in search of the commune-esque and radical Glasto of yesteryear. Techno, pyrotechnics, cybercrusty parades and social cohesion. The hippy heart of the festival throbs in this lost paradise.

Courtesy of: BBC Worldwide


There’s the Glastonbury that everyone knows. Its the one with the pyramid stage above, the mud below and all those humungous groups in size and stature  (Oasis, R.E.M., Pulp, P.J. Harvey, Coldplay, U2) playing for hundreds of thousands of semi-frozen campers.  But if you climb the adjacent hill, you’ll find the other Glastonbury, a utopian republic – almost independent from the mother festival – where each year, 21st century tribes congregate in search of the commune-esque and radical Glasto of yesteryear (the one the revolves around CND, trad jazz, antimilitarism, folk and duffle coats). This republic pitches free-zone, far-out, themed camps: Arcadia, Shangri-la, Strummerville, Block 9, and Common... Utopian or dystopian, these visions of the future constitute a bizarre Disneyland for crusties, metalheads and free citizens: roads with vehicles decked out like animals, techno, pyrotechnics and social cohesion. Temple returns to his trademark mix of great archive, silent films, unusual interviews and strangely coherent musicians to get right to the hippy heart of the festival, throbbing once more in this lost paradise.


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Sheffield Doc Festival


Adam Barker , Jonny Halifax

Stephen Organ

Stephen Malit, Julien Temple

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