1, 2, 3... Standstill

Director José M. Rodríguez, Clara Saiz, Juan Peralta
Spain / 63 min. / 2009 / Spanish

The fans of the group become the stars in the Standstill show. An intense chronicle for thirty-somethings, lived through the pages of their rock manual, coloured balloons and a circular stage. Where the borders blur between musician and spectator. We’re gonna sing.   


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A dark room. Expectant faces and a member of the group enters with a gas lamp. The audience take their positions; only in this case their positions almost touch the band that watch them from a circular stage. The show starts 1, 2, 3... Standstill. The fans of the Barcelona group Standstill become the stars in this new piece of rock-come-meta-narrative (“Hi, how you doing, it’s been a while/ Great, with the group and that”  - says one of their songs). As entrenched in the concert as they are in the narrative of the film that depicts it, the fans and their “ecstatic faces”, their identification with the group, their repetition of the lyrics reflect better than anything else could, what Standstill are and where they’re headed. Intensity made into a novel for thirty-somethings, pages lived by the rock group, multi-coloured balloons and a circular stage where the dancing is diluted between musician and follower. And where the music, besides, “comes from everywhere” (as one fan declares) and their hits can be heard: “1,2,3, Sol”, “La mirada de los mil metros”, “¿Por qué me llamas a estas horas?” and others. Well then, looks like we’re gonna sing.


Entradas BCN


Showing format

in festivals
Beefeater In-Edit 2009


Juan Peralta

Jose M. Rodríguez, Clara Saiz

José M. Rodriguez

Sound designer
Rubén Suárez Sancho, Gonçal Planas, Jordi Turtós

José M. Rodriguez, Clara Saiz, Juan Peralta

Film company
Yolafilmo Productions

Film distributor
Yolafilmo Productions

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