Quiero tener una ferretería en Andalucía

Director Carles Prats
Spain / 78 min. / 2011 / Spanish

A gorgeous glance at Joe Strummer’s “lost years” in the south of Spain. Rich in everyday human anecdote, this is an affectionate homage to the ex-Clash member, made with shade, light rum, spaghetti western, 091 and boatloads of local camaraderie.


A charming glance at Joe Strummer’s “lost years” in Southern Spain. Or, how the ex-leader of The Clash got sick of England and set up his “li’l ranch” in Granada and Almería. Rich in everyday, humane anecdote, this warm tribute to the musician is made out of shade, light rum, spaghetti western, and boatloads of local camaraderie. There’s simply no other way to enter the least documented years of his career and life than by visiting his old neighbours or chatting with his buddies from the time period (among them, the group 091, who he ended up producing). And so, we go discovering how that “sociable Englishman” found his bearings–Reginald Perrin style- jumped into the sea, and came back out someone else: a normal gent that spoke broken Spanish, drove without a license, nestled into bars to enjoy a bevy and tried to sniff out Lorca’s trail. The Romero sisters (Paloma/Palmolive -of The Slits - and Esperanza) introduced him to Andalusian culture, and his enchantment was fast and fierce: the sky, the freedom and the pause of the south would prove the perfect tonic for an old punk, sick of being angry. What a lovely story. 



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in festivals
Beefeater In-Edit, Dock of the Bay, Ciudad Emergente

Jesús Arias, Jo Bell, Gabriel Contreras "Mad Doc", Richard Dudanski, Marcia Farquhar, Jem Finer, José Antonio García "Pitos", Luce Garland, Pepe "Red Fish", Giggs Nother, Esperanza Romero

Javier Navarrete Fernández-Nieto, Antonio Jesús García, Carles Prats

Pau Bacardit

Antonio Jesús García, Carla Sömme, Javier Navarrete Fernández-Nieto, María Prats, Sol Úbeda, Ignacio R.Montero, Ana Jiménez, Joana Mallol

Film company
Prats Works

Film distributor
Agencia Freak

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