Paul Weller: Find the Torch

Director Julien Temple
United Kingdom / 50 min. / 2010 / English

Wake up the nation is the call to arms. Weller in London, talking about England, culture, society, the job and his own past while the songs of his 2010 album play. Free of archive and tangents. A film that’s pure today.


Weller, London, England. The pillars of the Earth, or at least of this documentary. Dispensing with his usual bag of tricks, Temple has created a film that is totally now. “Wake up the Nation”, from the 2010 album of the same name, is the call to arms that reveals the theme.  Paul Weller, still fascinated by London after so many years (“I still feel like a stranger here but I never get tired of it”), wanders around the city and comments on the state of things. The Modfather expounds on trade and craftsmanship, on clothes and his early days as a mod (“I still feel totally connected to that kid”), about pubs (“We’ve always been a nation of piss-heads”), about community vibes and tribalism, records and technology. Of course, while this is happening, songs from the album play in tandem, performed by Weller and his band in a pub. Temple doesn’t mess around with the editing; the archive footage is anecdotal, and the rare moments in which the camera abandons Weller are simply to ask passing Londoners about society, politics and culture. The result is a robust and direct film that seeks to banter about England via Weller. And it succeeds. 


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Paul Weller

Caroline Richards

Carl Burke, Steve Organ

George Hencken

Film company
Mrs Grey Productions

Film distributor
Universal Music & Video Distribution

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