The Filth & The Fury

Director Julien Temple
United Kingdom, United States / 108 min. / 2000 / English

The true story of the Sex Pistols, this has become a classic in its own right. A work that’s pure Julien Temple: hidden faces give testimony, aided by unprecedented footage, old films, animation and action galore. The punk film.


The “true” story of the Sex Pistols has become a classic. After all, the saga of what really happened to the group from 1976 to 1978 has been covered in so many layers of myth, self-glorification and perverse manipulation (at the hand of Malcolm McLaren) that is was high time to create a true testament. What’s certain, is that The Filth & the Fury doesn’t tell the absolute truth, but the version according to Glen Matlock, Steve Jones, Paul Cook and John Lydon. Especially Lydon, to be honest with you. Still known as Johnny Rotten back then, his testimony (along with that of the other members) constructs a tale of innocence, chaos, marketing (McLaren, once again), gang sentiment, betrayal, solitude, and death. The film is pure Julien Temple, and consolidated a format that the director would use again in future documentaries. Hidden faces bear witness, and are endorsed by acres of unprecedented footage, classic films (Richard III, from 1955, with an irate Laurence Olivier, that’s pure anarchy avant la lettre), animation – taken for the most part from The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle- and action a go-go. You’ll laugh, cry and long to brandish guitars with absolute amateurism but sensational attitude. What more d’ya want?   



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Showing format

São Paulo International Film Festival (Audience Award)

in festivals
São Paulo International Film Festival

Paul Cook, Steve Jones, Johnny Rotten, Glen Matlock, Sid Vicious, Malcolm McLaren, David Bowie

Niven Howie

Joe Stevens

Anita Camarata, Amanda Temple

Film company
Nitrate Film Ltd, FilmFour

Film distributor

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