This is Spinal Tap

Director Rob Reiner
United States / 82 min. / 1984 / English

The ultimate rock piss-take. Admired by metal fans and humour lovers, this is the number one “rockumentary”. Bassists, dumbasses, self-destructing drum kits, Stonehenge, amps set to 11, lost in the backstage, Smell the glove... A thousand legging-clad gags. 


All the rock jokes are here... There’s no need to make a Heavy Metal Movie; we’ve got it all right here. Admired by metal fans (no paradox in that, your honours), and humour lovers in general, This is Spinal Tap is the hilarious film about hard rock. Apocryphally inspired by Saxon (although Iron Maiden believed it was about them), Spinal Tap is the benchmark for all the piss-take-rockumentaries that came after it. It’s so well done, it’s so well done, it’s such a faithful reflection, that guys like Guns’n’Roses admitted that they didn’t find it funny; it was too close to home. No two-legged being on planet Earth is complete without having had the pleasure of watching it. It’s got it all: venereal infections, completely idiotic A&Rs, unfounded delusions of grandeur, dumb-ass bassists. Stonehenge, amps set to 11, songs about druids and easy women, lost backstage on tour in Japan, the Yoko figure, Smell the glove... A billion guffaws in leggings and barnets that In-Edit Beefeater rescues for all rock fans, and sliders on its metallic slope.  


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Rob Reiner; Christopher Guest; Michael McKean

Peter Smokler

Karen Murphy

Film company
Spinal Tap Prod.

Film distributor
Studio Canal

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