Director Julien Temple
United Kingdom / 138 min. / 2006 / English

35 years of the world’s most important festival. Temple captures Glastonbury with a thousand eyes and hundreds of hours of footage, without leaving a grain untouched. Fans, groups, mud: an out of this world film experience to immerse oneself in without getting (too) filthy. 




In 1971, a young teenager named Julien Temple ran away from home to go to a festival called Glastonbury Fayre, in Somerset. There, 12.000 fidgety fans united for a couple of days of debauchery, dance and rock that would leave an indelible mark on the young Temple. Thirty-five years later, and the Glastonbury festival is one of the most important on the planet. It has passed through so many phases it’s almost dizzying to try and remember them all. Some years yes, others no... fighting against all odds (mud, fence-jumpers, the opposition by locals, strikes…) until today, when Glastonbury is one of the most famous events in the world, with an established attendance of 112.000 people. But its no small feat to document something this big. So they tell it all to Temple. With over 900 hours of private filming, help from Channel 4 and the BBC, and the material that the director himself compiled, Glastonbury emerges in just over two hours of footage: an emotional, incomparable portrait that speaks more of the sensorial and community experience than of showcasing the array of artists that fill its stages. 


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Björk, David Bowie, Billy Bragg, James Brown, Nick Cave, Michael Eavis, Morrissey, Joe Strummer

Niven Howie, Tobias Zaldua

Julien Temple

Robert Richards

Film company
BBC, Hanway Films

Film distributor
Hanway Films

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