Sigur Rós: Heima

Director Dean DeBlois
Iceland / 97 min. / 2007 / English

Heima means home; Sigur Rós in their natural habitat. The monastic quietude and shyness of the Icelandic group unite in this intimate film with the vast landscapes of its native country. Caves, ghost towns, glaciers and preserve factories, and that ethereal icy sound in the background. 


Heima, in Icelandic, means At home. It signifies your house or place of origin.  And after years of silence, the kings of Nordic silence, Sigur Rós, are back with a new record and documentary, which are located in their own country. This is Sigur Rós in the environment that created them. Recorded during the summer of 2006 in innumerable parts of the Icelandic geography (ghost towns, jam factories, national parks but also in the cities and at macro-concerts), Heima, reveals breath-taking landscapes and matches them with reflections from the band and also, of course, to the songs (two of which are still unreleased).  Their spectacular music – with its shy and dark style, their trademark– is combined with the breath-taking countryside.  This is the only stage that could have created such an autonomous, changeable and intimate band as Sigur Rós. A meticulous and studied documentary, which is also a testament to a love for this sound and its roots. 


Showing format

in festivals
Reykjavic Film Festival; Bergen Film Festival; Roma Cinema Fest

Jon Birgisson; Orri Páll Dyrason; Georg Hólm; Kjartan Sveinsson

Alan Calzatti

John Best, Dean O'Connor

Film company
EMI Records, Klikk FIlms

Film distributor
EMI Records

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