The Chemical Brothers: Don't Think

Director Adam Smith
Japan, United Kingdom / 90 min. / 2012 / English

Don’t Think charters the duo’s 2011 concert for 50.000 fans at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. Armies of toy robots, psychotic clowns, strobe-tastic lighting and a million and a half psychedelic beats. Nobody’s getting out of here alive.




Careful, marathoners; this is the closest dance music has come to psychedelia and altered states of consciousness. Don't Think registers the spectacle with which the Brothers had already been bombarding half the world's senses (and parking out festivals) for two decades. This barrage of head trips and holocaustic beats had never been filmed before 2011, when 21 cameras shot a concert by the duo for 50.000 fans at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. Even if you weren't there, director Adam Smith gets close enough for viewers to experience a catharsis of rhythms and a delirium for the senses. In his own words, "Above you, lights swoop and strafe across armies of marching toy robots and galloping deconstructed horses; paint balls explode in front of borderline psychotic clowns. You're in the thick of it, consumed by the spectacle, absorbed into the crowd, surrendering to the noise and the visuals. Stunned by the jaw-dropping intensity of what you're witnessing, just one thought flashes through your febrile mind. Don't think. Just let it flow." There you have it. 


Showing format

in festivals
Fuji Rock

The Chemical Brothers

Jono Griffith, Mark Whelan

Iain Finlay, Marc Swadel

Lee Groombridge, Marcus Lyall

Film company
RSA, Black Dog Films

Film distributor
Omniverse Vision

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