33 Revolucions: Senior i Refree

Director Jordi Fabregas, Joan Simó
Spain / 55 min. / 2012 / Catalan

Two examples of an ambitious musical TV show that manages to reveal the soul of a musician through images. It goes by the name of 33 Revolucions, and its meticulous audiovisual language offers majestic views of Senior and Refree.


We programme two examples of an ambitious, warmly welcomed television show that managed to show the soul of its musicians through images. Its called 33 Revolucions, and its creators are Jordi Fàbregas and Joan Simó. With their meticulous use of audiovisual language, these two veteran Catalan directors offer majestic panoramic views of their protagonists. The episodes we've selected showcase the directors' approach: Senior, the Valancian singer-songwriter, speaks to us at given moment about his spirituality and his love of American records – and, consequently, of music as a salvation therapy – as he kneels at the altar of rock records: "desterren el desfici fora de mi"(they banish the madness from me), he sings to us. Refree, on the other hand, is revealed through an episode that traces the profiles of the musicians with whom he has collaborated, and that illustrate peculiar moments in his rise to becoming a recognized producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist. On both occasions, the situation and physical setting conjured by the directors reaffirm what the musicians say and show. A new concept for TV music shows. 



Film web

Showing format


in festivals

Senior; Refree

Txell Bonet, Dimas Rodríguez, Pep Blay

Joan Simó, Josep Maria Salat

Josep Maria Salat, Jordi Fàbregas, Joan Simó

Sound designer
Micky Forteza

Mertxe Larumbe

Film company

Film distributor

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