A Life In The Death Of Joe Meek

Director Howard S. Berger, Susan Stahman
United States / 109 min. / 2013 / English

An exhaustive review of the first r'n'r producer, sonic magus and English genius. Rock royalty is interviewed (Jimmy Page, Alex Kapranos) along with the entire punk-rocker armada. There's vision, madness, queerness and unbelievable records. Fans! 


This is the second time that the first independent rock and roll producer in history, total sonic magus, and heroic figure of early English pop has appeared at Beefeater In-Edit. On a previous occasion, it was a biopic that brought him –Telstar (Nick Moran, 2008), but this time he's here in all his glory: A Life In The Death of Joe Meek is an exhaustive review of this essential pop figure. Here you'll find interviews with everyone including the family quack, as well as rock and pop royalty (Jimmy Page – who adores Meek – Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand, Edwyn Collins), the founding partners of British rock'n'roll (half-forgotten pioneers: The Honeycombs, John Leyton, David John & The Mood, The Tornados) and the punk-rock-garage armada that has drawn so much inspiration from him (Mike Stax, The Kaisers, Liam Watson of Toe Rag studios). In this film, you'll find their crystalline, incorruptible and obsessive vision (sound, sound, sound!) but you'll also discover madness, homosexuality, amphetamines, raging insomnia, analogical infatuation, diabolical gadgets, DIY studios (his bizarre apartment at 304 Holloway Road, with the famous microphone in the loo), extraordinary records and a premature and violent death. We are huge fans of him and his. 

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Presentation: Wednesday 30th / 22.00h / Aribau Club 2
In-edit TV
Premiere on 30/10/2013
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World Premiere

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Jimmy Page, Steve Howe, Keith Strickland, Edwyn Collins, Alex Kapranos, Chas Hodges, John Leyton, Clem Cattini, Humphrey Lyttelton, Simon Napier-Bell

Russell Frazier, Howard S. Berger, Susan Stahman

Sound designer
Eric Fischer, Mick Glossop

Music Composer
Marco Fasolo, John Tabacco, Marco Fasolo

Joseph L. Bagamery, Dave King, Nora Moss

Film company

Film distributor
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