Barcelona era una fiesta (Underground 1970-1983)

Director Morrosko Vila-San-Juan
Spain / 56 min. / 2010 / Spanish, Catalan

At last, the definitive explanation of Barcelona’s counter-culture, from its cradle (Canet, Jornadas Libertarias) to its utopian height of light and colour (Star, Los Comix, Zeleste) to the final elbow by the proto-punks (La Trapera). As told by its witnesses: Nazario, Pepe Ribas, Pau Riba, Mariscal, Onliyú, Gallardo, Ramón de España and more.


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At last, the definitive explanation of Barcelona’s counter-culture, which took place in just a few years but would resonate for much longer. Because Barcelona, the title doesn’t lie, was a party, an anarchistic party where nobody had to pay a dime on the door, where there was no concept of cool/uncool, anything went, cynicism still hadn’t been invented and (paraphrasing Astrud) “it created such fear and laughter because it was so entirely new”. The Barcelonese underground is explained to us here with great attention to detail and a fab imaginary comic strip behind it: from its rocking cradle (Canet Rock, the libertarian weekends in Parc Guell in 1975, Ibiza, the passing foreigners, the rupture with Dandyism and the bourgeois bonne vivre of the Gauche Divine...) to its utopian height of light and colour and a shitload of fucking and drugs (the Stakhanovism of Star, Ajoblanco, Makoki, los cómix, Disco Exprés, Zeleste, the groups, Pau Riba in leggings, Ibiza again) until the final elbow administered by the proto-punks (La Banda Trapera del Río, being a total pain in the ass for the sake of pure self-preservation). Each and every one of its surviving witnesses pipes up: Nazario, Pepe Ribas, Mariscal, Onliyú, Miguel Gallardo, Ramón de España, Montesol, Luís Racionero, Pau Riba, Marta Sentís, Quim Monzó, Víctor Jou, Oriol Tramvia and others too. A documentary that’s gigantic in intention and impact, for those in the know and those in the dark.


Morrosko Vila-San-Juan is a journalist, scriptwriter, technician, producer and director. His filmography includes shorts, documentaries, video clips and various TV programs.

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Premiere type
National Premiere

Showing format

in festivals
Cinespaña, Memorimages

Pau Riba, Mariscal, Quim Monzó, Montesol, Marta Sentís, Luis Racinero, Pepicheck, Onliyú, Pepe Ribas, Juanjo Fernández, Víctor Jou, Miguel Gallardo, Oriol Tranvia, Josep Mª Martí Font, Nazario, Ramón de España

Morrosko Vila-San-Juan , Roger Roca Rius

Pau Atienza Muñoz, Morrosko Vila-San-Juan

Andalu Vila-San-Juan

Pablo Sánchez Marquiegui, Jordi Ambròs, Andrés Luque, Yolanda Blazquez

Film company
Séptimo Elemento

Film distributor
Séptimo Elemento

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