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A Poem is a Naked Person

Les Blank - United States – 1974 – 90’

A delightful Verité gem on the mini-universe of Leon Russell, which flits between live footage and the Oklahoma landscape, 1974. There are dances and totems, rivers and Willie Nelson, a snake wolfing down a chick, Mama Cass letting rip, full moon and a building in ruins. And Russell, in full boogie. One of Blank’s great rockumentaries.

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A Song for You: The Austin City Limits Story

Keith Maitland - United States – 2016 – 89’

A panegyric to the excellent musical public TV show, and an ode to Austin, capital of live music. 40 years of unstoppable luster, the birth of country and “indie” twist included. Impressive parade of pieces and faces: Ray Charles, Townes Van Zandt and Stevie Ray Vaughan but also Wilco, My Morning Jacket and Jenny Lewis.

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Blur: New World Towers

Sam Wrench - United Kingdom – 2015 – 93’

This isn’t the story of Blur, but it is a story of Blur. With impeccable shots and a vast array of resources, Sam Wrench gets the band’s complete complicity to charter the recording of the unexpected album The Magic Whip. In five days. When Blur barely existed. The magic unfolds, but not the dirty laundry. Neat and elegant.  

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Breaking a Monster

Luke Meyer - United States – 2015 – 92’

Two worlds collide: on one side three black teens that play (Unlocking The Truth), and on the other, two Sony top dogs with vile marketing plans. The kids’ playful innocence is threatened by an ex-Disney manager with dubious intentions (and methods). Warning: this film contains embarrassing and tragicomic ingredients.

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Cool Cats

Janus Koster-Rasmussen - Denmark – 2015 – 83’

A study of two characters (the black jazzmen Ben Webster and Dexter Gordon) during their exile in the liberated and tolerant –and naïf– Copenhagen of the sixties, through the eyes of musicians and friends. They were yin and yang: depression and chaos, harmony and chaos, monogamy and wild flings. But they shared hearty appetites (for different substances), damaged lives and colossal talent. A focused portrait of a fleeting moment.

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Göran Olsson, Lamin Daniel Jadama, Lars Lovén - Sweden – 2014 – 86’

An ambitious voyage through Africa reveals the new music of a surviving continent: from cracked software in South Africa (with Afro-futurist goals), to Ghana’s “porn gospel”, predecessor to the crazy kuduro (“hard ass”) dance in the Angolan ghetto. All hot, freshly baked. And in each stanza: apartheid, colonization and war, but also hope and peace.

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Gary Numan: Android in La La Land

Steve Read, Rob Alexander - United Kingdom – 2016 – 85’

An unlikely star, an unexpected millionaire (jet included), electronic music pioneer and certified kook (“obsessive nerd”) of pop. A film that is also a reality show on the Numan family of today, emigrated to Los Angeles, and revisits his life, from that “little android person” of 1978 to a fifty-something father of three with a new album in the works. 

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Gimme Danger

Jim Jarmusch - United States – 2016 – 108’

Holler it from the rooftops: Jim Jarmusch and The Stooges!  This meticulous film puts the most loutish and dangerous rock’n’roll band in context, and the spotlight on Iggy Pop, the bare-chested beast unleashed. A subjective and affectionate (fan) perspective reveals the burning desire for revenge; the rebellion, otherness and protopunk din of the four geeky freaks. 

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Hated: GG Allin

Todd Phillips - United States – 1993 – 55’

“To hell with the future”. GG Allin’s creed in a nutshell. Punk’s ultraviolent dung beetle carved out a “career” based on using the mic as a baton (on his head), brawling with the audience, smearing himself in his own shit and other delightful antics. He died, of course, bent out of shape. Was there a man behind that beast? 

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I Am Thor

Ryan Wise - United States – 2015 – 82’

After Pentagram and Anvil, came Thor. You couldn’t have made it up, not even in Spinal Tap: body building, rock metal and mystic-Nordic vaudeville, not to mention kidnappings, Homeric blunders, unfathomable jinxes and a hiatus a la “Space Elvis” in Las Vegas. The life of a bruiser that just wouldn’t give up. A hymn to perseverance in the face of destiny’s bitch slaps. 

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Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow and All Music Has Disappeared

Stefan Schwietert - Germany, Switzerland – 2015 – 83’

Bill Drummond founded KLF, invented trance, wiped his catalog, set fire to a million quid, and abandoned the spotlight. His choir, The 17, is hell-bent on recapturing the lost epic and breaking down new walls. And if music was born today with no memory of what had come before? Amateurism, anonymity and passion vs. the utilitarian ubiquity of post-iTunes pop. 

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Derek Jarman - United Kingdom – 1978 – 102’

“When the music is loud, we won’t hear the world collapse.” Derek Jarman time warps Queen Elisabeth I to a future dystopian England inhabited by punk girl gangs and murderous police. Includes: Arses, incest, pyromania, deviation, outrage, punk cameos (Slits, Chelsea), anarchy and heretic critique. And Adam Ant puckering up.

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Melody of Noise

Gitta Gsell - Switzerland – 2016 – 86’

Virtuosos of noise “The sounds are there, you just have to get them out ”. Andres Bosshard, Bubble Beatz, Big Zis, Julian Sartorius and Bruno Spoerri breathe new life into piping, traffic cones, parabolic antennas or dollar store robots. Everything is useable. Music is on every corner; there are hidden symphonies in the scrapyard. 

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Oasis: Supersonic

Matt Whitecross - United Kingdom – 2016 – 122’

Liam y Noel Gallagher, dos hermanos chalados y caraduras, consiguieron que su ignota banda se convirtiese en la más grande del planeta. Los productores de Amy entregan esta saga “bíblica de la hostia” de drogas, peleas, rock’n’roll, rivalidad consanguínea y britpop global. Todo a lo grande, típico Oasis; como un meteoro fuera de control.

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José Sánchez-Montes, Gervasio Iglesias - Spain – 2016 – 0’

The great vocalist Enrique Morente sings songs by the great composer Leonard Cohen. The band Lagartija Nick does some “morenting” on Morente to persuade him to participate in a Cohenesque album together that they name Omega. Rock and flamenco, Granada and Manhattan, and Lorca’s generous shadow granting its consent. A unique moment.

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Raving Iran

Susanne Regina Meures - Switzerland – 2016 – 85’

The Kafkaesque deed of making house music in Islamic Iran. Amoosh and Arash embark on their fateful voyage amid insane scenes that are straight out of Orwell (“Are you laughing at our beards?” bribery, threats and fear. When the Swiss Street Parade festival invites them to play, euphoria turns to uncertainty. A door: “Do we go in?” 

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Strike a Pose

Ester Gould, Reijer Zwaan - Belgium, Netherlands – 2016 – 85’

Things got ugly when Madonna brought one of her dancers from the 1990 Blonde Ambition tour, out of the closet. This colossal film reveals the lives of those six dancing Apollos, or how one survived being La Ciccone’s dancing partner. Homophobia, truth or myth, gay liberation, illness, oblivion. But also redemption, healing and family. 

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The Blank Generation

Ivan Král - United States – 1976 – 53’

The key testimony to 1976 New York punk is a nouvelle vague film shot with a silent camera and unsynched sound and image. Patti chews gum and belts out G-L-O-R-I-A. Verlaine does “Little Johnny Jewel”, in a gorgeous stripy shirt. And there’s The Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, Richard Hell... All very early on. 

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The Filth and The Fury

Julien Temple - United Kingdom, United States – 2000 – 108’

The story of the Sex Pistols as told by the Sex Pistols (and not by McLaren) has become a classic. A film that’s pure Julien Temple: hidden faces give testimony, aided by unprecedented footage, early films, animation and abundant action. Lydon even sheds his first tear in front of the camera. The punk film, yet to be surpassed.  

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The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble

Morgan Neville - United States – 2015 – 95’

Yo-Yo Ma is the brain behind the Silk Road Ensemble, orchestra-crucible that combines sounds and music from half the world. This film explores the cultural identity of every corner of the globe through the artists’ lives, families and societies. There are revolutions, traditions and connections. The search for a common voice through China, Iran, Galicia and the  Kalahari.

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